The oldest secret never told

Once upon a time one of my customers would tell me how frustrated she would feel doing things like this

Sitting and witnessing negative thoughts pass by

Meditating for hours suppressing rising emotions

Engaging in countless reasoning all to drive away one disturbing thought

Hoping for some flash of light to burst from the third eye

And the list goes on

None of the things worked for her but she kept doing it because she had done it for many long years and saw most of her spiritually ignorant friends do the same

Then she asked me for advice.

My answer

Speak to God directly

It is the oldest spiritual secret

Krishna taught this to Arjun in the midst of the battlefield The secret of the field and the field knower.

Those teachings have been lost as yoga and meditation and all spiritual guru jerks started fooling people by telling them to breathe day and night and taught them all fancy meditation tricks and mudras..

If you are fed up of all this crap and waiting for beautiful Words to Enter into your heart I can pour that into your soul in one evening…

Here is your last chance. Ends tonight

You will learn
  • How to stop repetitive negative thinking permanently
  • How to visualise and manifest your consciousness even when you are feeling very low
  • How to own your visualisation and disown your thinking
  • How to stop doubting yourself right now this moment
  • How to act with confidence even if you had a bad past
  • How to love yourself more even when blood is dripping inside your intellect
  • How to fall in love with God and remove all your sins of ignorance
  • How to automatically visualise auspicious results before you even think and act.
  • How to believe in yourself even when your own thoughts don't believe you
  • How to keep increasing your Self confidence even as the dark shadows of the past fall on you
All this and more will ENTER into your circle of influence and destroy the darkness

The Words I right will come true for the right person

The question is are You the one?

If you are I invite you to join me in helping you protecting your future. LETS GO

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P.S " Just listened to Self Control 1. Blown away, Vish. Can't wait to listen to 2-10.

No memory=No field=No karma=No effect. To destroy field, visualize field knower as your own self. Pure Genius! " - Bhaskar UK.
P.S. Richard writes "Thank you Sri Vish. Your lessons are extremely important to me at this time of my life. I'm still digesting all that you've written and the videos. It seems it is progressing on it's own!

Most often another "realization" appears and I'm on a different level. I was almost to that point many times of "knowing", but your lessons and commentary helped me to realize it instantly. "Aha!" and "Ohhhh!!!!"....lurking there, just below the surface.
Since coming to you, I've had this happen repeatedly. As you say a "screen" moves away, revealing what was obscured unknown to me. I'm blessed to have come across your books and lessons which are so much clearer to me than any I'd studied prior to now.
Thanks for coming into my life." Reply back and let me know which option do you want two payment or one payment option and I will send you the link

Here is the link…to grab the brand new audio program and the bonuses…
Since joining with you YES my suffering has all but ceased completely. It is only those moments which I forget and my awareness identifies with my moment. But it is these moments which I know are actually priceless because these are the exact moments needed to grow to be the better expression of myself.- Dennis Baines Australia

Thank you Vish, I'm so blessed you found me.- Ralph

P.S. Just as a small fire becomes big when fanned by the wind, weak, favourable destiny increases greatly in potentiality when it is associated with individual exertion through Gods grace..

In my latest audio program I literally walk you through to how to take a weak favourable destiny and make it big by Gods grace

Says Vivekananda This is the hardest period, but hold fast, in the end the gain is sure if you have patience. LETS GO…
Listen to these beautiful Words as it Melts your Heart. LETS GO

"Finished Audio 9. This is so beautiful and great. In just a few minutes so much..."

 Thank you so much for giving me access to the new course 'Self-Control - The Biggest Secret to Overcoming Any Obstacle'. I went through it over the weekend, which also - to speak - had an extra day in the form of a Christian holiday. Very powerful"

"Yes, I definitely feel a huge difference because of a new found understanding.

I think one of the biggest issues we face is that very few truly understand and even less of them know how to properly convey that knowledge. Thank you for your new work"

"Thanks again for “pushing” me to purchase your new course, SELF CONTROL - the greatest secret to disappear any obstacle! 

Your greatest and simplest work to date. Yet I know it required me to purchase and study the magic of god 1,2,3 first.

"Oh my my my Vish! This was for me the most powerful audio you have given.... (even the sound quality) as if it were coming from the very deepest of places.
And yet I know that all the other materials (written, audio and visual) were necessary in order for me to TRULY GET IT!!!

I'm sitting here in the park right now, literally shaking with happiness, joy, peace, elation, all in wonder and amazement at what I have been given from, by and through you...

A Master of the Highest Knowledge... Oh wow!!! "That which is other than the Known ... and beyond the Unknown... is Consciousness!!! What else is left" Oh God! Day and night let me visualized your image... Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!"

"Exactly. It’s a 40 Year seeking for the Truth.

I always “knew” the TRUTH had to be simple but who’d have ever imagined it boils down to a sheet of paper and two circles?

But in order to understand that simplicity one must take up the studies first.

Like Bruce Lee once said: “Before I learned the art, a punch was just a punch, and a kick, just a kick. After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick, no longer a kick. Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.” Yes, very profound. We start out with ignorance, then we study it and we realize a punch is just a punch but through that realization we washed the ignorance away.

You’ve totally exposed and annihilated the flaw of attraction. A 50 billion a year old industry."