Are you affected by other people's behaviour?

How To Use A Simple 5000 year Old Symbol ( which even a new born baby can draw ) That Will Instantly Stop Painful Memory And Imagination Even When Karma Is Playing Foul?

"Immediate Effect," says users of Detachment Breakhthrough miracle

From the Desk of Sri Vishwanath

Orlando, Florida

Dear Detachment Seeker,

When I was younger I went with my father to some of the smaller villages in India. In one village there was a small river where people would bathe before going to the nearby temple to pray.  

The fish and the river 

In the river there were small fishes that would bite. My father would tell me to go in the river but I knew the fishes were there and I was afraid. 

I would put one hand in and take it out and then dip my toes in and take them out just as fast. You are supposed to drench yourself from head toe but I was afraid.  

I hated the feeling of the fish nibbling at my skin. It was a very strange sensation. My father explained to me that the fish are not really biting you they are taking away the tiny dead skin cells on your leg. He explained that they were actually cleaning my skin.  

No matter what my father would say my fear would not go away. Years later when I got good in meditation I remembered this episode and it brought so much joy to me. 

I would remember this episode and my mind would retreat back with such power and the pain would disappear in minutes. 

I developed a winning formula to help you come out of any pain in minutes..  

My system can even help the emotionally drained double their detachment – oftentimes in one hour.  

Let me tell you about Viren a very thriving investment banker in California and a prime example of someone I have helped gain far more detachment .In one hour than he could attain following other pgorams for monthe even years. . I‘m sure you‘re familiar with some of these programs. They‘re the ones that lead to a destination called… frustration.  

Just so you know Viren is sharp, ranked in the top investment bankers in his niche and result oriented. Yet in terms Of detachment, he has endured so much pain in dealing with people, mistrust, doubt and broken relationships. Talk About emotional knots. He had the flexibility of a iron dog. He was even more attached than I used to be..  

Well a couple of months ago Viren joined my eight week one on one coaching. At the end of the first week This is what he had to say:  

"I had some personal challenge and I thought these challenges can only be fulfilled through a spiritual path. I was looking for a true spiritual teacher who can help me explore my spiritual path and guide me through my personal challenges. That was my intent  

I did some research . I went through your bhagavad gita university. I watched your videos. I thought your knowledge was to the point and there was no packaging and hidden motives. I also saw your video testimonials. 

I had a strong feeling I had to go with a teacher who is honest straight forward. I did not want to waste my time and energy with someone else. In the past 10 years I have spent more than 100k on spirituality and not got anything concrete. After having the first intial call with you I was clear I wanted to do this 8 week with you  

I would say in the very first week itself I saw the changes…It is a pretty drastic journey there is lot of teachers and there is lot of confusion, so I wanted something that is clear to the point. It is a 360 degree change . Not only spiritually but also financially I have seen the results because everything is tied up together … 

When you are spiritually stable other things also flow and your personal relationship with your partner gets better. It is a whole transformation it is all linked together. I cannot even express how I want to thank you for what you have done for me. It is priceless but the first thing is to go through the process.  

In dollar terms I would say 100X. We can’t even put a price on it, when you have seen the path and what is the goal and when you have tasted something so real. For some people to understand atleast 100k return on investment "

Now, bear in mind that I only worked with Viren some of the detachment exercises I‘ll be teaching you in my new course entitled Breakthrough Detachment : The Secret To Disconnecting Pain From Negative Emotions In Minutes  

Why? Because he was primarily here to improve his emotional knots. .So imagine how fabulous he would have felt if I would have taught him the entire program you‘ll be learning in my new course. And imagine how great you‘re going to feel when you impress your friends with your new found detachment  

This mind-blowing course will consist of three parts, with a mix of videos, pdfs and cheatsheets. Easy to consume and fast to implement. Here are few things you will learn…  

The Sri Vishwanath's Breakthrough Detachment Formula For Disconnecting Pain In Minutes

  • 2 HUGE tips Sri Vishwanath will show you that, if you did nothing else, would destroy your recurring mental pain.. (Anyone who can meditate can start doing these two things immediately and benefit BIG time! – Module 7 is waiting to hand over the gifts to you
  • How to stop painful memory and imagination . I will reveal to you the "three hidden spaces" inside of you and show you step by step how to enter into them and what to do with this new found knowledge to generate more quietness and detachment . This is crucial information. Most poeple screw this up because they've never been told what they really should do. -Module 1 will accompany you in your journey.
  • Why most meditations don’t work (and what to do about it) 
  • What to do FIRST when you’re stuck in a difficult situation – When you are ready Module 3 will be your guide
  • How to use a simple 5000 year old symbol ( which even a new born baby can draw ) that will stop bad karma from bearing fruit… ( This one module alone will lift all the heaviness of your heart) – Module 3 will hold you by the hand and make you draw this.
  • The three exact words that will "stop people" from giving you trouble – Module 4 is ready to block out all pain for you
  • How to mentally disconnect difficult people that give you trouble and get things working in your favour?. This will make even the evil people respect you. – Module 7 will reveal the secret
  • A single piece of advise Adi Shankarcharya gave to his disciple 1200 years back that saved him 12 years of spiritual practise And how you can use it too! I bumped across this 46 word secret at 2pm in the night and re-read it again and again till 6 am in the morning. When you are ready module 7 will unveil this 1200 year old secret. This single module will skyrocket your detachment.
  • And guess what? Vish is the only spiritual teacher in the world who knows how to do this… And before this masterclass he never revealed this secret to even his close friends.. 
  • How and when to break “all” the rules and succeed wildly!
  • A weird(but effective way to remove the evil effects of Karma and how to deploy it in your daily life ..  


Without Sitting For Hours In Meditation  

  • The Twelve commandments of Krishna – Simply print this out and read it and get rid of all sins in the past and those which may happen in the future. ( this took me 19 years to formulate.. (This is a truly liberating prosperity secret) – Module 9 grants you this unlimited power.
  • A simple two sentence exercise that will force pain out of your body and mind… This works IMMEDIATELY! - Module will show you how.
  • A “can’t miss” way to get your Ishta Deva( your favourite God) to transfer power to you at any place in any situation. – Whenever you are ready module 8 is waiting to fill you up
  • How to invoke the presence of God much much faster ! – Module 8 injects it in you
  • A simple technique to receive only good vibrations and block negative ones during meditation – Module 11 is waiting to send you these spiritual gifts
  • A ultra advanced 12 second meditation that gives you more power than sitting 12 years in meditation! You will be shocked when you see its power – Module 11 hands you this power.

  • How, if you already have a meditation practise to dramatically increase your bliss immediately! ( Sri Vishwanath reveals how to wipe-out your negative thoughts and suck so much good energy out of your sincere efforts that your nickname will be “Spiritual Gangster 

  • A clever (and very “sneaky” ) way to transform a disturbed mind to a divine experience in less than 28.8 minutes. Even Time will have no choice but to bless you and protect you during bad times. – Module 12 is waiting to unleash this power to you
  • How to turn your boring distracted mind to a high level flow state that attracts divine vibration and draws the right people into your life like steel to magnet.. – Module 12 is holding the garland to make this marriage come true
  • Four brutally effective secrets for enjoying a world class meditation. ( I’ve read every good to great mediation book/course ever printed… and… none .. of them contained Secret 2 or 4!) Module 13 lays it all down for you. Are you ready?
  • How to get everything you want in meditation… without… force… struggle or unethical methods! ( No need to be mystic! Just apply this six ancient tips … and sit back… while the quietness, peace,love, abundance and detachment seek you out almost effortlessly!) Module 14 is unlocked for you.. Go get it…
  • The single most important thing you must do before you sit down and close your eyes in meditation! Module 14 is ready to preach. Take it easy…
  • A simple way to identify those ‘trouble areas’ in your life and stop it from bearing fruit. This is so simple, even someone “brain-dead” could do it. – Module 15 reveals this secret
  • 17 out of 18 women skip this important step in mediation. And that’s good news. It means 1 out of 18 women follow this step and I’ll show you how to be the exception. – Module 15 makes you a hero.  
  • The true story of how Ramakrishna’s guru took a broken piece of glass and pierced it into master’s forehead. The guru challenged Ramakrishna and Ramakrishna won! ( This admittedly doesn’t have much to do with detachment but… it’s enlightening to say the least.) Module 16 takes you on this journey
  • Why you are always just one good meditation away from breakthrough detachment and enlightenment ! – Module 16 takes you 200 feet deep
  • The “key” to attaining a high level of concentration super fast ( This simple secret is what sets Sri Vishwanath apart from the hoards of pseudo-gurus out there!) – Module 17 agrees to roast your pain
  • Maybe the biggest underground detachment secret in the world for zero conflicts!( This secret is behind some of the biggest spiritual giants in history) Infact without this secret, many of those super-success stories you hear about in spirituality would be impossible to pull off !) Module 18 kicks ass.
  • Why you need to understand Guru Sri Vishwanath’s “ Detachment Breakthrough Mastery” that lets you find an immediate solution to your no 1 obstacle right now! 
  • How to tap into the greatest meditation practise of the world and to figure out the real reason you have got into trouble – Module 18 is dangerous.. Beware…
  • How to use the 3 minute yogic formula to get that one glance of God and win His grace.. 
  • The amazing secret of how to make spiritual laws work. These are biggest breakthroughs in detachment and when you learn this, your practise will expand almost beyond belief ! 
  • How to tap into a unique (very unique) method of navigating your destiny everyday most veteran gurus (even the best ones) don’t even know about ! – Module 19 says “ It can be the perfect icing on the cake for you”
  • How to create your own perfect day formula and why this could turn into your hottest blissful moment ever! 
  • The most profound detachment and destiny secret Sri Vishwanath has ever heard !- Module 19 cements it for you

Whew! Great stuff, wouldn’t you agree ! Infact if you are in any shape or form pursuing detachment and… you are operating without this unique, insider information you are not enjoying the bliss and joy in meditation you could be enjoying 

Here is what you get in

Breakthrough Detachment: The Secret To Disconnecting Pain In Minutes

1) You will get instant access to Million Dollar Detached Mindset Masterclass . Within moments of enrolling you will recieve your user name and password and get Instant access to 19 Modules with step by step access. Videos, blueprints and cheatsheets. You can log in from anywhere and at any time. You recieve life long access. - Value $997

2) Big Bonus No 1: "How To Deal With Difficult Situations- POWER WORDS THAT SET YOU FREE..."

Most great ones de-hypnotized themselves during difficult situations. They were aware that emotions block the flow of divinity. They used powerful words to destroy their delusion. 

This special bonus will 100x your detachment. 8 pages of power words. Like ligthening you will watch the tree of delusion fall right before you . In less than fifteen minutes you will be pain free.

 "How To Deal With Difficult Situations- POWER WORDS THAT SET YOU FREE" is a special bonus valued at $97. I use this every single time I get into trouble. You will love this for its simplicity and power.

3) Big Bonus No 2: You can completely destroy your past memory and imagination. This is very much possible. It does not require you to meditate for 12 years for 12 hours . There are five big secrets in meditation that are always hidden in all spiritual talks. 

They are revealed only by masters only to their inner circle. Most others don't even have a clue to these five secrets even after spending decades in meditation. This is one of the major pieces I share with those who take me up on my $7500 consulting one on one class. You will get this meaty report as a free bonus. Its value is priceless..  

Your pain will melt away like butter everytime you sit for meditation. This special bonus "THE FIVE UNDERGROUND MEDITATION SECRETS THAT STOP BLEEDING PAIN INSTANTLY" will become part of your daily meditation practise. Once you grip this pain will think twice before entering into you. I have never made this report avialable to anyone other than the inner circle members. This is an exception and might be taken away soon. So enrol and take full advantage of this special bonus.

4)Big Bonus No 3: You will also get email access to me where you can ask me two questions This is worth atleast $249. I will also hop onto skype and you can get me one on one 15 minutes. You got to understand this is the real deal. I am committed to seeing you get the results or else I simply dont want your money. You will recieve not one line answers but a full length answer.

 " I totally appreciate your personal touch and response to my e-mails, Vish. None of the other self-help gurus bother to send replies to subscribers’ questions … and if they do, it's just a one-line rebuff. So thank you once again for showing sincere interest in the progress of those who undertake your program.” - Iveren Ityoikaa,South Africa  

Total Value $1597 of real value...Special Introductory Offer

You pay only one payment of $97. Isnt that cool?

Why am I doing this?

I want you to benefit today and I want to prove that by giving you this big discount. My hope is you love it and you will invest in our other programs. I want to offer you real value, stuff that really works and I hope you can see through my intention. 

Raving Fans

14 years of ignorance wiped off in a second.. This is amazing... 

Dear Vish: I just wanted to thank you for your program that has help me in so many ways. I must say that I am quite amazed of the results that I have experienced within me and around me…. 

Your teachings are extraordinary and most rewarding. You have a new way of thought mentality that I did not know existed or had considered until I started reading your reports and watching your videos and every bit of knowledge just kept me more and more intrigued because I was realizing of how wrong I had been trained by many other teachers or books. I once more want to thank you for my life changing exp.. 

Narsedalia Lopez,Program Participant NY, USA 

Improve your daily life leaps and bounds

"A great quick read, I have been blessed to read a lot of Sri Vish's reports ad this quick read is something I enjoyed a lot. For folks really trying to implement spirituality in their lives this short read will show you the path. 

The essence of the GITA and other great real spiritual masters have been distilled in to easy rhyming words which will make you Vish's fan and improve your daily life leaps and bounds!"

Sriram Rajan NEw Jersey USA

....I love that! So much clarity coming through lately. 

I see the ego in me taking your course and even in this one-on-one communication. Something in me needed to be seen and validated and be made to feel "special". I see that! 

Yes, I am committed to this work (commitment has not been one of my strongest suits). I feel that doing the work, or rather "giving it up" to my Atman, things naturally get worked out. Thank you so much for everything that you are doing

Lola donnel, Arizona , USA

Double Your Detachment In 30 Days Or…. Your Money Back! 

And that’s the bare minimum. I said “ atleast double your detachment” at the beginning of this letter and I mean that. Your results, if they are anything like other’s who’ve used this program would be much better… and much faster… 

Many customers report amazing changes within the first week. But I want to make sure that you get a full 30 days before you decide if this program is everything I’ve said it is here. The money back gruarantee works like this  

Try the masterclass for 30 days. You can use 100% of the product. Then, if you don’t’ feel like your detachment has atleast doubled simply send an email to the email listed in your order and within 24 hours we will issue you a refund. No begging, no pleading no giving reasons.  

You risk nothing at any time. So if you’re ready to get started click on the link below to get started  


Still not Convinced?

Feel free to email us at or and we will reply within 12 hours or less. Alternatively you can even call us at our US number 2138142680.You can even chat with us live on facebook at

What a wonderful teaching! Simply superb!

 Having been exposed to many gurus and having read many philosophies, I find that Sri Vishwanath goes to the crux of the matter, the focal point, the pivotal steps. 

Saves the seeker a lot of turning around and going around the bushes. Whether a new seeker or a tired out, worn out, frustrated 'long term seeker', everyone will find the teachings of Sri Vishwanath to be required step they need to reach the goal, i.e., Liberation 

(Moksha)- Amaresh. B.

Does your family really support you? 

Dear Sir, 

My family was almost broken before I started your course. I was incapable to understand the issues concerning my life, family and spirituality. 

On the other hand, I had blind faith in others opinion; I was always guided by the dictates of others. Now, I am regular in following this course and feel that some divine power is guiding and helping me towards my destination. It is simply amazing. 

In the last 52 days it has happened quite a number of times with me that I have no words to thank God for I feel his presence inside me and also in the deities standing firm in the temple. 

It is an humble beginning, for the first time in my life I have pondered to understand my real nature. My wife and son are feeling delighted to perceive this positive change in me which is reflecting in a happy family. Happy New Year, 2018. 

In gratitude Best Regards, Rajat Mishra  

Immediate Results From First Tactic Tried. 

Hi My name is Andy Shaw. I am from England, live in a little village called Ashington, which is just off the south coast. I first met Vish at a seminar where I was one of the speakers and his passion for thanking somebody for all their help made me notice him. I made my wealth using the Law of Attraction and I am a life long study of this sort of material. 

When I looked at the material Vish was doing. This guy has a easy way of making some of these difficult concepts actually very easy for people to understand and much easier for them to actually apply them to their life. 

I think the message he is trying to give across of how easy this is to do is very important and I feel it can help a lot of people. It is my pleasure to recommend his service.." 

- Andy Shaw- Real Estate Mogul From UK 

14 years of ignorance wiped off in a second.. This is amazing... 

Dear Vish: I just wanted to thank you for your program that has help me in so many ways. I must say that I am quite amazed of the results that I have experienced within me and around me…. 

Your teachings are extraordinary and most rewarding. You have a new way of thought mentality that I did not know existed or had considered until I started reading your book and every chapter just kept me more and more intrigued because I was realizing of how wrong I had been trained by many other teachers or books. I once more want to thank you for my life changing exp.. 

Narsedalia Lopez,Program Participant NY, USA 

Finally Illumined ! Lo ! 

Vish, I appreciate your teachings and the love you share through your delightful program aimed at uplifting those of us who heard your call and many yet to come. 

 It’s true like you have pointed out, the number of teachers out there is really amazing but their teachings are not only limited in scope but they also limit our ideas and vision about life. Thanks for all your wisdom. Your ideas are second to none keep on shining right light bearers.. 

Enejoh Obaje,LA, USA 

The beginning of a ground breaking turnaround in my life ! 

"Dear Vish Today I followed the first few steps you suggested .Your way of teaching is very simple and the results I have managed to get within the first two weeks have been huge. 

I am impressed that I am starting on an incredible journey in my life. 

This is a ground-breaking turnaround in my life!!. I will be really looking forward for more such inspiration and guidance from you." - With love 

Allen Woods Australia."

Enlightenment and Much More... 

I don't feel as if i have thanked you enough for the new light you've put in my life, You gave me hope. So much hope, and with that hope has come faith. I have so much faith now and because of your inspiring words, i've been able to maintain that faith. 

Thank you so much. I've been seeing a lot of butterflies lately and for me its felt as though its a "sign" So i looked up for the meaning They are a symbol of change, joy, and colour. 

I started crying because i know that everything that i've been asking for, happiness. everything i could ever want is here, I can feel it, its a strong feeling and i get overwhelmed with excitement. 

I AM RECIEVING all good, i have the faith that i will be able to do whatever needed to to help everyone along the way 

I know that it will be positive the outcome will be positive because i chose nothing but the best for me and the people around me, i love you, thank you.” 

Spiritual Coach Resonates with The River of Truth 

"Thank you so much, Vish, for the simple way you describe what happens in our minds. 

I used some of your ideas with my clients yesterday and they really resonated with them. 

Of course I’m resonating with it as well! (I am a spiritual coach and am searching and experiencing as much as I can in order to be as effective with my clients as I can be.) 

I hope it is alright that I "pay it forward" into the work that I do, acknowledging you as the source. 

“Also, thank you for making yourself and these ideas so accessible and available. 

It truly is about connection and you are a model of love and wisdom for the rest of us. It is a true joy to be one of your students and part of the group!” 

Blessings and joy to you, 

- Candace Smolowe, PA, USA


Best Mood Since Ages… 


"I followed your advice, it took me a little longer, but now I can say it is simply astounding. 

I am walking much better and practically painfree and I am in the best mood since ages. 

The other problems have not yet resolved, but I am going after them now. Thank you for everything indeed. 

- Richard Schneider, Switzerland


The Greatest Truths Are Always Simple To Implement Only If You *Know How… 

First of all, the most important attributes that you have is that you care and love what you do. 

Second, that the program is based on the concept of 1 to 1 Marketing and Mass Customization. A book alone is stand alone, with no interaction. 

Most people learn from doing and need interaction. For the most part we need & want to be loved & nurtured. Vish, I could feel that in our conversation. 

As I listened intently absorbing all I could, it was like you were reading my mind, even though I wasn't doing the talking about what conflicts I was having daily…. The best feeling in the world is to be loved. 

 I felt that over the phone, thank you. You are an amazingly blessed man and you truly bless everyone you come in contact with. I believe that. 

I'm looking forward to putting what I have learned today, to work in my life. I will keep you posted. If I can be of service to you at any time please let me know. I would love to help anyway I can. This is really amazing… Bless you. All my love 

“The 2Minute Club" brings it down to basic points – and the greatest Truths are always simple, are they not? There lies the real power in your program. Thank you, Vish – you’ve put a smiling relief in my heart!” ”  

Kim Pauline, New York USA

Discovers The Real Power In 'Knowing That One Thing' 

"I have spent over 25 years studying, learning, and practicing everything that crossed my path regarding spirituality, meditation, etc. and had some good results. 

But it never seemed to be that one thing I really desired. I always missed that feeling of deepest fulfillment. 

“2 Minute Club brings it down to basic points – and the greatest Truths are always simple, are they not? There lies the real power in your program. Thank you, Vish – you’ve put a smiling relief in my heart!” 

Puts Her Life Back On track…

"You have such beautiful insight and I feel very fortunate to have crossed path with you. I have tears of joy as I’m writing this. You’re so right. 

At times when I do get the doubts about relationships and money, I think to myself, hey I’m feeling good as is like never before and that is priceless. 

 My feeling good is coming from within me. That’s the only thing we really need. 

Thanks for your great support and putting me back on track. I’m going to continue with my practices. I would really like to stay in touch with you if that’s ok.” 


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