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P.S. Ramakrishna Paramhansa my greatest spiritual hero said “ Life is short. Do what you want fast in the outside world.” I say to you don’t dwell and dream. Power up, take big decisions and enter the sanctum sanctorium of your consciousness. I am there to hold you by the hand. Trust me as you would trust your right hand..

No matter what any one has read, studied, or listened to, yours is not an additional source, it is all one needs.

Thank you Vish for this life changing information. Your manner of delivery of vital insights into the mind strikes deep in the soul of understanding. This is life changing, I feel changes after only a few days. New focus, defined direction, and a very deep positive “knowing” all is well. No matter what any one has read, studied, or listened to, yours is not an additional source, it is all one needs.

• With loving gratitude, Margaret Ferguson, UK

The Greatest Truths Are Always Simple To Implement Only If You *Know How…

First of all, the most important attributes that you have is that you care and love what you do. 

Second, that the program is based on the concept of 1 to 1 Marketing and Mass Customization. A book alone is stand alone, with no interaction. 

Most people learn from doing and need interaction. For the most part we need & want to be loved & nurtured. Vish, I could feel that in our conversation.

As I listened intently absorbing all I could, it was like you were reading my mind, even though I wasn't doing the talking about what conflicts I was having daily…. The best feeling in the world is to be loved.

 I felt that over the phone, thank you. You are an amazingly blessed man and you truly bless everyone you come in contact with. I believe that. 

I'm looking forward to putting what I have learned today, to work in my life. I will keep you posted. If I can be of service to you at any time please let me know. I would love to help anyway I can. This is really amazing… Bless you. All my love 

“Your program brings it down to basic points – and the greatest Truths are always simple, are they not? There lies the real power in your program. Thank you, Vish – you’ve put a smiling relief in my heart!” ”

Puts Her Life Back On track…

"You have such beautiful insight and I feel very fortunate to have crossed path with you. I have tears of joy as I’m writing this. You’re so right. 

At times when I do get the doubts about relationships and money, I think to myself, hey I’m feeling good as is like never before and that is priceless.

 My feeling good is coming from within me. That’s the only thing we really need.

Thanks for your great support and putting me back on track. I’m going to continue with my practices. I would really like to stay in touch with you if that’s ok.”

Best Mood Since Ages…

"I followed your advice, it took me a little longer, but now I can say it is simply astounding. 

I am walking much better and practically painfree and I am in the best mood since ages. 

The other problems have not yet resolved, but I am going after them now. Thank you for everything indeed.

- Richard Schneider, Switzerland 

14 years of ignorance wiped off in a second.. This is amazing... 

Dear Vish: I just wanted to thank you for your program that has help me in so many ways. I must say that I am quite amazed of the results that I have experienced within me and around me….

Your teachings are extraordinary and most rewarding. You have a new way of thought mentality that I did not know existed or had considered until I started reading your book and every chapter just kept me more and more intrigued because I was realising of how wrong I had been trained by many other teachers or books. I once more want to thank you for my life changing exp..

Narsedalia Lopez,Program Participant NY, USA